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agronomy overview

Your partner for profitable acres

Agwrx offers a full line of agronomy inputs, including crop nutrients, seed and crop protection products, as well as custom application services. But we’re not just here to sell inputs. Our objective is to continually look for ways to help you get the most for your agronomic dollars.

Our professional team of agronomists attends year-round training and learning sessions to help you maximize your crop strategies and get an edge at harvest. We provide consulting, recommendations, and crop planning services to help you grow crops more profitably.

Contact one of our sales agronomists to find out how Agwrx can benefit your farming operation.



Protect your yields

bulk tanks

Weeds, pests and disease can take a toll on a crop and rob yield potential. Rely on Agwrx for the products needed to protect your crop. The general product categories we offer include:

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Foliar nutrients applied with herbicides
  • Adjuvants

We sell bulk and packaged products from all the major manufacturers, and we work with their buying programs to get you every dollar you’re entitled to receive. Deliveries are available as well, and we will repack customer totes or provide our own.

To make sure your crops get the protection needed, we provide crop scouting services. We’ll check your fields for weeds, disease and stand counts, and we’ll do plant tissue and stalk tests as needed.




Crop nutrition when and where it’s needed

We’ve made significant investments in recent years to make sure we can meet producer needs for crop nutrients.

    • We built a 14,000-ton plant in Wallace in 2016, and we’re adding 6,400 tons of additional storage.
    • The 6,000-ton dry facility in Clark was built in 2014.
    • The Watertown fertilizer plant is 10,800 tons and built in 2012 in partnership with CHS.
    • We also have storage in Webster and Garden City, and our facilities are spread throughout territory for maximum efficiency and timeliness.


Nutrient Products and Services

We provide the products needed to make your crops strong and productive. Some of the nutrients we carry include:

    • Urea, MAP, potash, ammonium sulfate (AMS)
    • 10-34-0, 7-23-5, 28%
    • OptiStart/Gold 6-20-5-2-.05-.1
    • Above- and below-ground nitrogen stabilizers
    • Zinc and boron
    • Soil sampling


Maximizing the genetic potential of each seed

When you work with Agwrx for your crop seed, you’ll find that we work closely with you to build a seed package that’s based on your goals and needs.

We build our knowledge of local soils through test plots and a Winfield Answer plot outside Watertown. And we get to know your acres by regularly meeting with you to discuss seed performance, new varieties and yield objectives.

Seed Brands and Services


Custom seed treating and bulk seed with delivery services


Wheat, oats, alfalfa, and cover crop, grasses and CRP mixes



Get the job done right and on time

Our custom application services are built around accuracy and efficiency.

The application equipment at Agwrx is second to none, and you can rest assured that the job will be done right and on time. All our equipment is routinely updated with the latest technology and maintained to provide the correct application rate across every field. 

All custom applications are coordinated through a central dispatch. This allows us to precisely schedule equipment when and where it’s needed throughout our service area to gain efficiency and get to the field as quickly as we possibly can.

Application Services

  • Dry application – flat, variable, top dress
  • Dry fertilizer impregnation 
  • Sprayer application for crop protection and nutrients 
  • Aerial spraying through a third party 
  • Crop scouting, soil sampling
  • Deliveries of all products available 
  • Float spreaders for rent


Precision Ag

We provide precision ag services to deliver nutrients and crop protection exactly where they are needed in the amounts that will be most beneficial.

We generate variable rate zones and maps utilizing soil and tissue sampling and yield maps. We also utilize the Winfield R7 tool to help optimize decision making for every acre of your fields.



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